Thanks to the generous support of the Diamond Family Foundation, Vancouver Yaffa Housing Society is proud to announce the opening of its newly renovated Womens’ Residence. The new facility lay-out reflects Yaffa Houses’ existing communal housing model according to a peer-supported and democratic living arrangement, while recognizing the need for a separate infrastructure independent from the existing Mens’ facility on the same property. For more information regarding eligibility and availability at Yaffa Womens’ Diamond Residence, please contact us


Through the dedicated support of the Phyllis & Irving Snider Foundation, The Yaffa Dunbar Apartments were established in 2011 at 3595 W. 17 Ave.  A close collaboration between the Vancouver Yaffa Housing Society and the City of Vancouver, BC Housing, and Coast Foundation, Yaffa Dunbar provides five exclusive units for Jewish mentally ill within a greater 51 unit mixed facility. Yaffa Dunbar offers the unique combination of independent self-contained apartment living within a 24/7 staffed facility, and the added advantage of an optional meal program. Yaffa House also operates a kosher kitchen built for and dedicated to the celebration of Jewish holidays and festivals, to which all residents of all faiths throughout the Dunbar facility are traditionally invited. For more information regarding eligibility and availability at Yaffa Dunbar Apartments, please contact us.


With the completion in 2011 of the Yaffa Dunbar Apartments, the completion in summer 2018 of the Yaffa Laneway project, and the 2019 renovation of
‘Yaffa II’, the Vancouver Yaffa Housing has virtually quadrupled its original housing capacity from the original five-resident maximum, to a total nineteen units, today. While acknowledging the impossibility of ever entirely meeting the demand for supported Jewish mental health housing, the goal of Yaffa House has never been to help the most people, but rather to help the people most in need– a goal we are ever committed to achieving.  For more information regarding eligibility and availability at Yaffa Dunbar, Yaffa l, Yaffa ll, and Yaffa Laneway, please contact us.

Yaffa Laneway House – January 31, 2018

Yaffa Laneway House – March 10, 2018